quinta-feira, 6 de janeiro de 2011

Carta de Ódio

Love is easy to come,but not so easy to let go.

Why can´t I let you go?!

Please get out of my head
I cannot think, do or act
with you allways in my heart

I know that it wasn´t your fault
Things just didnt turn out like we planned
Well, that has a name
It´s called life
i´m going to start living mine.

So, get going
Don´t look back
I already went
You should start going..

Go, I don´t need you anymore
Go away, Stay away
Don´t come back
Cause if you do
Im  not going to be here by your side.

So this is my goodbye
Im going to start my fucking life!

I thought we were one
Guess what?.We are two
We didn´t work out
Well, that was all thanks to you!

You broke my heart
...I don´t even care...

This is the END.

You are just one in a million
Im going for better
I wish you the worst
Well, that ain´t bad enough
So, until you die just remember
Im going to be by your side
So I can drag your ass to hell


1 comentário:

  1. Yeaaaahhhhhhhh motherfuckerssssssssssssss, fuck you all beloved ones in dying will strains of your wishful dreams..